Common questions about VTC Pay payment gateway

Update time 17:37 - 24/07/2018

Common questions about VTC Pay payment gateway

Question 1: Why should I fill all personal informations such as ID, address, email ...?
Answer: VTC Pay Mobile wallet - Payment gateway is the unit licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam. So, all information on your account registration complies with the State Bank of Vietnam's Registration Regulations. The registration of personal information is accurated and completed while create an account will help customers protect their interests as well as help handle the complaints related to the transaction with the account of VTC Pay mobile wallet is convenient and helpful for custormers.

Question 2: Is the money in your VTC Pay mobile Wallet safe and legal?
Answer: The money in your VTC Pay mobile wallet account is electronic money that is equivalent the amount in your bank account.
VTC Pay mobile -wallet is licensed and operated by the State Bank of Vietnam and strictly abides by the Laws.

Question 3: Does VTC Pay mobile wallet have fee of usage monthly?
When you use VTC Pay mobile wallet, you don’t have to pay management fees monthly and free of charge for the transaction of receiving money, paying bills, etc. Biside when you use VTC Pay mobile-wallet to recharge phone, purchase phone card codes, game cards, ... you also get discount up to 7.2%.
Question 4: If I transfer money wrongly to others, what should I do with it?
The process of money transfer wrong transactions between accounts VTC Pay mobile wallet will be implemented in accordance with the regulation of the bank. Upon detecting a mistake, you must immediately contact the operator 19001530 for guidance and support.
After authenticating the customer as the owner of the VTC Pay Wallet account, we will suspend the money transfer wrongly and contact the wrong person for verification. If true, the wrong money will be refunded to customers in accordance with the regulation of State. "

Question 5: How many bank accounts can be a VTC Pay mobile-wallet account linked to?
A VTC Pay mobile-wallet account can be linked to lots of bank accounts.

Question 6: What is the minimum transfer amount  in a transaction?
- The minimum transfer amount: 10,000VND / GD
               - Fee for transfer between VTC Pay mobile-wallet accounts: Free

Question 7: What is the withdrawal limit for VTC Pay e-wallet?
Currently, VTC Pay withdraws daily
- Maximum withdrawal amount: VND 10,000,000 for personal e-wallet account.
- Minimum withdrawal amount: 50,000 VND
- Fee for withdrawing money: 5.000VND / GD

Question 8: How long does it take to process my withdrawal?
Usually, VTC Pay will send money to your bank account within 48 hours of work (without Saturday and Sunday) since receiving the request.


Any questions please contact:
Mobile Wallet - Payment Gateway VTC Pay
Customer support 24/7
Hotline: 19001530